WordPress Websites

Why WordPress?

  • because it powers around 25% of the ENTIRE internet
  • it is user friendly and;
  • most folks can, if they wish to invest the time to learn, manage their site themselves

It breaks my heart to hear of small business and solo-operators investing in a website which is then locked up by their developer who charges an arm and a leg (and a first-born child) for updates to the site.

My WordPress websites start at $495 + hosting + specialty themes/plugins (only if you choose them) because I feel that EVERY business and business person needs an online presence to be competitive in today’s business environment.

Mind you, for $495 + + you’re getting a very simple, one-page site, a bit like an online business card.  With this option you’ll be able to include information about yourself, your business, your services, location and hours along with links to your social media accounts.

From there the sky is the limit.  Include a blog, an online store, live social media streams, team profiles, email opt in integrated with Mail Chimp, advertising/affiliate opportunities, super security and backups…the list goes on and on.  Each site is custom built after in depth consultation with you to ensure that your end goals will be met BEFORE the project is commenced.

Why a blog?  Check any how-to or opinion piece about Google searching, Google ranking, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO and you will find that regular, relevant and original content is the magic potion to increase your chances of being found online.  I’m no SEO Expert but I can build you the platform so that you can publish to your hearts content.

If you’re considering a new website get my website planner here.  It will help you to understand important elements of a website as well as outline what you are going to need before you give the green light.

I’ve created this document as too many clients don’t realise that to have a smooth build and a site they love at the end, they need to put in some hard yards before even talking to a website designer.  So download it now, have a read and a think then give me a call with any questions.

Check out my website portfolio here.

Love, Mandy


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